Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Love is in the air at Image Portrait Studio!

We've had a very romantic week in the studio this week and have created some gorgeous artwork for many beautiful couples! It is always a pleasure to capture the essence of their relationships and celebrate their love with stunning photography they will cherish forever. 

Alessia and Mauro have been together for many years and moved over to Australia from Italy about 3 years ago. They have now been married for a year and wanted a casual photo shoot to capture their love and companionship for each other.

They were happy to do some skin shots with us and we captured a beautiful shot of Alessia lying on the floor in her bra, her legs stretched up the wall next to Mauro. Our favourite photo of this wonderful couple is a simple casual shot of them leaning up against the wall, Alessia cuddled into Mauro's shoulder and her hand resting gently on his chest. It is always a pleasure to capture the raw love and compatibility within a relationship and it is clear that these two have a very special bond.

Alessia and Mauro wanted beautiful art work to put above their couch and were over the moon with the three canvases we created for them that captured their love for each other.

We love capturing the natural closeness between a couple like Alessia and Mauro
We also had the pleasure of meeting Ian and Myan, two physiotherapists that have been together for 5 and 1/2 years and are now engaged! Ian actually proposed to Myan on the toilet seat! It's an ongoing joke between them after Ian dropped his phone down the toilet whilst face-timing Myan and he decided to incorporate it into the proposal!

As well as being a wonderful couple, Ian and Myan are best friends, they always have each other's backs and are very much in love. Their relationship is full of laughter and they have a very special bond that we were honoured to capture. It is a pleasure to photograph a couple who are so in love, we got them to act natural and cuddle up together on the floor and just enjoy being in each others arms and the results are stunning.

Ian and Myan have a wonderful relationship full of fun and laughter!
With so many wonderful shots to choose from Ian and Myan decided to go for our Portfolio box and left with so many special memories that capture their love.

Photographing people in love is one of the best parts of our job and it is always a pleasure to have couples in the studio with us celebrating their love for each other and their relationship!

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