Monday, 3 April 2017

A Sporty Weekend!

There was a lot of fun and laughter in the studio this weekend – although luckily not because of any April Fool’s Day pranks!! We had a number of sporty couples in the studio that brought in their sports gear and recreated the competitive atmosphere and sportsmanship spirit for us and we all had a great time! We love it when our clients share a passion for a particular activity and are able to bring that into the studio for us to capture and create special memories unique to their lives!

We were excited to welcome Amy and Mitchell into the studio this weekend as one of their favourite activities is to go quad biking together! We captured some wonderful shots of them both in their riding gear - Amy in pink and black and Mitchell in yellow, blue and black - and the results were great! Unfortunately we weren't able to have their quads in the studio (they wouldn't quite fit through the door!!) but they brought along their helmets and we got some amazing photos!

Sharing a love of quad bikes and each other
As well as these great shots, we also captured their romantic side, taking some beautiful photos of them both in the outfits they wore to their recent engagement party! We love recreating memories in our studio so it was wonderful to capture photos for them that will always remind them of that special time! Amy and Mitchell had an amazing selection of photos and went home with a beautiful portfolio box filled with memories they will treasure forever!

Another exciting couple that we welcomed to the studio over the weekend were Sarah and Matthew, who brought in their floorball kit for us and recreated a bit of friendly competition! Floorball was actually how they met so we all 'had a ball' creating those special memories for them in the studio! They both play regularly, Sarah in particular, so it was wonderful to capture their enthusiasm for the sport and their love for each other in the same shoot! One of our favourite shots was a silhouette-style photo of Sarah in her goalkeeper’s helmet and Matthew standing opposite her, heads close together and looking into each other’s eyes!
They scored a goal when they met each other and fell in love!
We also had Claire and Santino in the studio and they brought their wonderful doggies Nala and Ares in with them! Like all our couples this weekend, these guys were also very sporty, this time being into their AFL and came along in their team jerseys! We captured this brilliant shot of them all together with Ares showing her Mum some love and licks! We love capturing 'in the moment' shots such as this and it’s always fantastic when the results come out so well!

Caught in the act!
With so many wonderful shots to choose from these guys decided to buy one of our beautiful albums filled with loads of photos of their fun and love filled day!

We always encourage our clients to bring along things they are passionate about when they come in to the studio, it creates a wonderful dynamic and a really great personalised shoot! As long as it fits through the door, you are welcome to bring it!!

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