Monday, 10 April 2017

Laughter and tears at Image Portrait Studio

It's always a lot of fun when we have a large family in the studio - particularly when they bring their furry friends along too! Yolande and Rudolf came in with their two sons and Yolande's parents who were visiting from South Africa, then add Varkie the staffie and a cat to the mix too and it's no wonder we all had so much fun in the studio! Varkie had to have a sniff at everything and explore the studio and stole all our hearts with her lovely personality!

It was lovely to get the grandparents involved in the photo shoot too and we captured some really special memories for the whole family! One of our favourites was of father and son - Big Rudolf and Little Rudolf - standing back to back and looking at each other, it really captures how little Rudolf looks up to his Dad! Managing to get the family all together for a fantastic group family portrait was brilliant fun, especially with getting the pets involved too!
The beautiful family!
There were so many family dynamics for us to photograph, from individual shots to the whole family together, and they were thrilled with the results! They went away with a wonderful selection of photos in one of our beautiful portfolio boxes that they can treasure forever!

It was a pleasure to welcome Cheryl to the studio on Friday for what was meant to be a business-style corporate shoot, but ended up being a spur of the moment 'All About Me' shoot instead! Cheryl was a blast and we all had so much fun with her in the studio! She had a fantastic bubbly personality and was game for all of our photographers ideas, and we finished up doing a wonderful skin photo shoot showcasing Cheryl in all of her glory!

It was an honour to make Cheryl feel special in the studio!
It was an honour to make Cheryl feel as special as she deserves to feel and give her such an amazing experience with us. Cheryl epitomises why we love what we do and brightened our day! She had tears in her eyes when we showed her all of her beautiful photos, and for us to be able to bring that amount of joy to someone through what we do is a privilege.

Even though Cheryl had only planned on coming in for some corporate-style photos, she ended up with a stunning four canvas series of her beautiful photos. She thought she was just after a business photo, but what she actually needed was to be reminded how special and amazing she is.

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