Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Celebration of love

It was exciting to welcome a brand new Easter baby to the studio this week! Baby Wyatt was born on Good Friday to Mum and Dad (aka Cassie and Stephen) and they came to Image to have a wonderful newborn photo shoot!

At only 7 days old little Wyatt was a darling to have in the studio and was very easy-going and well-behaved! We got some lovely shots of him snuggled up on the fur blankets we have, as well as beautiful photos capturing the whole family together. 
The bond between father and son
Dad Stephen has lots of fantastic tattoos and we captured some wonderful shots contrasting these with the vulnerability and innocence of baby Wyatt, showing the close bond that has already formed between father and son. Such a close bond in fact that Wyatt felt comfortable enough pooing on Dad in the studio!! Talk about an action shot!

The happy family had such a beautiful selection of photos to choose from, and they will now be able to treasure these at home in one of our albums!

It was also a pleasure to welcome South African couple Anita and Erika to Image Portrait Studio this week along with their two Jack Russells - Starbuck and Meelix! Anita and Erika have known each other a long time and do lots of activities together such as tandem cycling and karate!

Pets are always an important part of the family and we showed that bond by creating some lovely group shots of the 4 of them all together, enjoying being in each others company. 
Love shared in a happy family
As well as this, we wanted to capture the closeness and love between Anita and Erika and we spent some time focusing on the happy couple. We love it when couples are open to trying skin shots as the results are truly beautiful and highlights their passion for each other in an intimate yet tasteful way.

Once again, there was such a wonderful range of photos to choose and Anita and Erika created a stunning portfolio box of memories to love forever!

Another happy couple we had the pleasure of meeting this week were Bradley and Emma who came to the studio looking for some wonderful couple photos. Originally from the UK, these guys are now settled over here and have been married for a year.

They brought in their decorative wedding cake base layer to include in the shoot and it was clear to see that the love they share is still as strong as ever! We captured this by letting them look at each other rather than at the camera and their connection shows instantly, along with their matching smiles! 

As in love as on their wedding day!
With this photo as the centrepiece, Emma and Bradley created a sensational acrylic 'Contempo' piece of 5 beautiful photos, that will be a perfect addition to their home!

All of our clients have so much love for one another, whether it is between a couple, a parent and child, or a whole family - pets included! In turn, we love to capture this and turn that closeness into art that they can treasure forever!

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