Monday, 15 May 2017

Let us celebrate Mum!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Mum took centre stage in the studio this week as families brought in their loved ones to celebrate this special day!

Kalelle and her family came in for a beautiful shoot to celebrate multiple generations including mum Christine and Grandma Margaret! What was particularly special about this shoot was that Christine and Margaret did a photoshoot together when they were younger, and Kalelle wanted to recreate this across three generations!
Love spanning across three generations
It was a wonderful moment capturing the relationship between these beautiful women and their closeness spanning across the generations. It was an organic and natural shoot that didn’t require any props, just the love and smiles shared between them, and the results were stunning!

With such a beautiful selection of photos to choose from, including the generation shots and others with the other family members, Kalelle and her family decided to display theirs in one of our beautiful portfolio boxes!

Creating beautiful family memories was particularly important for Angela, her husband Lee and their two sons Joseph and Samuel, as young Samuel struggles with epilepsy. It was very important to us to capture their close family bond as well as empower Samuel with the hope that he won't let his condition hold him back now or in the future.
Creating family memories to treasure forever
Samuel really looks up to his big brother Joseph and as they are both passionate about martial arts we captured this brotherly love in the studio with some striking poses! We also loved Chase and Yogi – Angela's fur babies! They are beautiful big dogs that are clearly so important to this wonderful family. They are both excellent with Samuel and are always there for him during the tough times, whether it's to enjoy play time together or a cuddle to ease the worries away.

Angela and her family loved their photos and it was obvious to all of us here just how much they mean to them. It was an honour to create such beautiful memories for them and they were overjoyed by their choice of a stunning portfolio box full of photos they will treasure forever.

We also welcomed Emma and Mum Rosemary into the studio to celebrate Mother’s Day with a wonderful mother-daughter photoshoot. They brought in a beautiful tea set that had been passed down in the family from Emma’s Nana and it was wonderful to include this detail in their experience with us.

Capturing the bond between mother and daughter
We created a lovely natural shoot for them capturing their closeness in a relaxed and fun way. As well as the gorgeous tea set shots, one of our favourites was a beautiful shot of them back to back mirroring each other, highlighting the similarities between mother and daughter.  We love creating a variety of images that will provoke different feelings and emotions and Emma and Rosemary loved the selection that they chose!

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