Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Variety is the spice of life!

Meeting Jules and Brad was a highlight of our week here at Image Portrait Studio! They were full of vigour and excitement for their session and we couldn't wait to start capturing some wonderful memories for them!

Brad brought in his Honda Shadow and we captured some wonderful racy shots of Jules draped over the bike, creating powerful images that were sexy and very beautiful! We carried on with this intimacy in the studio by capturing the organic love between Brad and Jules, highlighting the passionate side of their relationship that's still going strong after 30 years together!
Bringing sexy back!
They both brought so much energy to the studio and were up for trying anything – the perfect clients! It's was a pleasure to meet them both and we all shared a lot of laughter throughout their whole experience. Seeing how happy Brad and Jules were with their artwork – a beautiful triple set of canvases that captured their raw emotion – epitomises why we love what we do and there was hugs all round after their wonderful experience!

Sara and Ben have been waiting to get married for a long time but they have finally set a date and came into the studio for a wonderful couples photo shoot! Ben wasn't so sure about having photos taken at first, feeling a bit awkward about being in front of the camera, but our photographers are so good at making people feel comfortable that he actually had a great time!

To help Ben ease into the experience we started them off with some natural shots to capture the two of them having fun together. Sara hates being picked up but Ben thinks it's funny so we ensured we captured that hilarity in the studio! During our consultation they didn't think they wanted anything particularly romantic, claiming that they weren't a particularly lovey-dovey couple. But as we often find, experiences change once you're in the studio and we ended up capturing the beautiful love and intimacy that they share.

Capturing that love and intimacy
 The stunning selection of photos blew Sara and Ben away and they will be able to cherish those memories forever in their new Portfolio Box!

Another interesting shoot we had this week was Miz, who came in for a beautiful tribal belly dance style theme! Miz has been belly dancing since she was 11 years old and wanted to bring that vibrancy and passion to the studio.

With blue hair and colourful skirts, Miz was a vision in the studio and truly showcased the beauty of American Tribal Style belly dance. Her poses were feminine and beautiful, with a variety of eye-catching colours that brought a lot of energy into the studio.
Energy, vibrancy and colour in the studio!
These photos will be ones that Miz treasures forever and she created one of our beautiful handmade albums with a wonderful selection of photos that will always remind her of her passion for tribal belly dance.

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